Office Products Depot kick off National Conference

Published on 3 May 2015

Office Products Depot staff from around New Zealand recently held their National Conference at Trinity Wharf, Tauranga on the north island of New Zealand. Fast paced ice breaker Boom Time was chosen to kick-off the event on a high and create a shared memorable experience right from the start.

What happened on the day?

In Boom Time, participants learn and perform a cohesive musical performance in under 20 minutes. In preparation for the challenge ahead, armed with "BOOM WHACKERS" delegates started by participating in a warm up activity. Once delegates were confident with the objectives of the activity, they launched into a complex "Guitar Hero-style" training process to develop their rhythm and timing skills.

Then, as the lights dimmed, delegates performed a collaborative rendition to the uplifting tune of Black Eyed Peas "I got a feeling."


The results were amazing! What started as a musical discord had turned into a cohesive, synchronised musical production. Delegates feeling buzzed and exhilarated were ready to launch into their National Conference with a sense of oneness because of what they had achieved together!

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